About Us

In 2013, entrepreneur Kemi Asalu founded Daolus Organics with the singular vision of creating a go-to destination for organic and natural indigenous oils butters and powders. This people-centric business was then bought and taken over by the visionary Ntshantsha Tafeni-Majombozi in 2017. Ntshantsha continues to grow the South African branch as Kemi went on to establish its sister company in the USA.

At the heart of Daolus Organics lies a passion to support the West African and East African rural communities from where some of our products are sourced. Our supply partners are women-lead cooperatives who still clean the nuts and pound the butters and powders by hand and whose children are exactly where they belong- in schools or playing at home with friends, hence our supply chain is completely child-labour free. We pay more than the stipulated fair-trade rates to our suppliers and we are proud to be associated with the Shea Alliance in Nigeria. In South Africa, we purchase from vetted suppliers whose primary concern is the wellbeing of their labourers and the quality of their products.

Most of our essential oils are hand-pressed by these women who are dedicated to trying to give their families a better life and through our purchasing power and the support of our valued clientele, we can help to uplift these communities in meaningful ways.

Our focus lies in trying to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and traditional alternatives by offering the finest quality animal-free (and animal-testing free) products on the market.

With a trend shift from conventional to natural skincare and cosmetics, we provide the opportunity to more small businesses and brands to create their own ranges of skincare and organic cosmetics. Our advisory service helps people to understand the full breadth of our products and their many uses to create world-class products that will help their businesses to thrive.

We also offer a boutique alchemy and manufacturing service as a turnkey solution to beauty, skincare and haircare brands.

At Daolus, we’re all about you, so talk to us and allow us to be a part of your good health journey.