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The wonders of  palm kernel oil cannot be overemphasized. From time immemorial,  palm kernel oil has been in existence without appreciating its benefits. Palm kernel oil is common in West African countries especially Nigeria. It is mostly seen in the rural areas. It is very affordable, because people neglects it, without knowing that, it is one of best oil that has so many uses. The European merchants that trades with West African countries, hardly purchased palm kernel oil because, they never knew the importance of it, instead, they occasionally purchased palm oil  for use in Europe.

Palm kernel is a nut from a palm tree which has an edible seed inside. It is the oil from the seed that is widely known as black palm kernel oil. In some part of West Africa, the seed can be eaten raw or with other staple food.It does not contain cholesterol which  might be harmful to health instead, it is rich in lauric acid which helps to raise blood cholesterol levels. It can be stored for a very long time without alterations. It has a nutty smell that reminds someone of the rural lifestyle.


  1. Break the palm nuts, and remove the black seeds inside.
  2. Soak the seeds in water for one hour.
  3. Remove them from the water after one hour and put it in a pot.
  4. Put it on a fire and make sure that there is no single water in the pot.
  5. As you are cooking it dry, the oil will be coming out.


  1. It is used for the manufacture of soaps, washing powders, hair creams, personal care products etc.
  2. It restores skin elasticity in order to prevent wrinkles.
  3. It protects the skin from harsh weather conditions.
  4. It is a good skin moisturizer.


  1. It is used to prevent hair loss or breakage.
  2. Palm kernel oil is used as a hot oil treatment on dry hair and scalp so as to soothe the scalp and moisturize the hair.
  3. It strengthens weak hair and makes it shiny.
  4. Palm kernel oil can be used as a natural hair conditioner.


– It moisturises your Hair. So if your hair feels dry, use it as a prepoo or a hot oil treatment. It’ll make the dryness fly away. Its also very good for dry skin.

– it gives you shine and strengthens your hair. Also conditions your edges

– it gives you soft, luscious healthy hair. Also soothes your scalp. Leaves your hair feeling silky.

– it curbs breakage and reduces hair shed.

– it thickens your hair and gives added volume.

You can use it to prepoo, do a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning.


  1. Epilepsy in children can be managed by inserting a bit of palm kernel oil in the child’s eyes.
  2. Some babies have a soft head at 0-12 months old or even more. palm kernel oil is used to strengthen those soft part.
  3. In cases where a child is having difficulty to push out excreta,  palm kernel oil is used to soften the anus of a child in such a situation so as to ease the child problem.
  4. Palm kernel oil is used to treat children with high fever and convulsion.
  5. It is used to treat abdominal pain in children as well as treat skin rashes in children

Palm oil contains the hard to find toctrienols, which are members of the vitamin E family. The common form of vitamin E, tocopherol, has long been used to treat many skin ailments and is found in many anti-aging products. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that helps the skin to fight free radicals that damage the skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Betty Kamen, PhD confirms that as a stronger antioxidant than tocopherols, toctrienols have been proven to be more effective in preventing aging and damage from free radicals. Used topically, as with tocopherol, toctrienols are able to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to enable healing and protection from the base up.

Palm oil is found in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, creams, foundations and more. It is found in shampoos and soaps for its ability to remove oil and dirt from hair and skin. It also contains a refitting agent that helps restore the hair and skin natural oils. Most soaps and shampoos strip away letting moisture escape. In shampoos and conditioners, it also provides a conditioning agent. It is added to skin care products not only for its anti-aging properties, but also because it provides deep moisturizing properties making the skin soft and supple.


Palm kernel oil is rich in antioxidants. Many people have discovered that the active substance may have the ability to reverse blockage of the carotid artery and platelet aggregation thereby reducing the risk of life treating diseases.

Palm kernel oil which is extracted from palm fruit and have a strong black color with a strong taste. It is mostly used in the eastern region of Nigeria.

Palm kernel oil have a lot of benefits and can be used for different purposes.

It is uses to manage convulsion in children and can be used to reduce the effect of epilepsy attack.

For Constipation: Palm kernel oil is also used to soften the anus of a person who find it difficult in toileting. i.e experiencing pain during passing out stool. I have personally found it beneficial in This regard. Just a little on the fontanel releases the stool for me.

Black oil is used in children during delivery. It is traditionally believed to help avoid body odour when they grow up and make the skin of the baby shinning.

For Cough: Palm kernel oil is used to soften the throat during the first stage of cough. It can also help manage stroke and slowpoke tumor progression.

Arteriosclerosis and other heart disease problems. This is thus one of the health benefits of palm kernel oil as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid. Tocotrienols present in palm oil may also inhibit certain types of cancer.

For Cholestérol Réduction: Palm kernel oil increases ‘good’ cholesterol as compared to other saturated oils such as red palm oil. Thus the health benefits of palm kernel oil also include promoting health of people with cardiovascular issue

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