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Pumpkin Seed Benefits for Skin:

Pumpkin seeds have the wonderful ability to clean and regenerate the skin because they contain a great amount of skin-friendly vitamins (A and E), minerals (zinc and selenium) and essential fatty acids.

1. Antioxidants

Vitamin E acts as a strong antioxidant and improves the skin tone.

2. Aids Cell Regeneration:

Vitamin A motivates the production of new skin cells and also helps to repair the existing skin problems.

3. Protects from Pollutants:

With the existence of zinc and selenium, pumpkin seeds upgrade the collagen levels and give your skin extra protection against environmental pollution and harsh UV rays.

4. Maintains Sebum Production:

Essential fatty acids play a significant role in maintaining the oil production and moisture levels of your skin.

Getting enough fresh pumpkin in your diet is the best way to enable your body to fight against skin-related issues like aging, acne, pimples and the appearance of premature fine lines. To experience immediate results, you can apply the paste of mashed pumpkin seeds directly onto your skin.

Pumpkin Seed Benefits for the Hair:

These seeds are packed with Vitamin A, K, B (biotin), sulfur, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients are essential for the health of your scalp and hair.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth:

The consumption of pumpkin seeds ensures healthy, shiny and thick hair. If you are worried due to the thinning of your hair, don’t waste your hard-earned money in buying commercial hair products. Just add pumpkin seeds to your diet. It will not only stimulate hair growth but will also help you get rid of premature balding.

Pumpkin Seed Benefits for Overall Health:

6. Reduces Cholesterol:

Raw pumpkin seeds are God’s special gift for those suffering from high cholesterol levels. These seeds contain phytosterols, which decreases bad cholesterol in your body.

7. Boosts Bladder Function:

One of the main health benefits of pumpkin seed is its assistance in the maintenance of healthy bladder and urinary function. Latest research states that pumpkin seed oil can help to treat bladder problems and aid in the proper functioning of the urinary system.

8. Fights Depression:

Pumpkin seeds contain a vital substance, L-tryptophan that plays a significant role in reducing depression symptoms. These seeds have already been used as depression medication in several countries.

9. Defends Bones from Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis generally affects the bones. The main reason behind this condition is the deficiency of zinc. Pumpkin seeds protect your bones from osteoporosis by providing your body with sufficient amounts of zinc.

10. Improves Prostate Health:

According to latest medicinal research, pumpkin seeds work wonders in improving your prostate health. Pumpkin seed extracts are used in many health supplements and are effective in decreasing the risk of prostate cancer by cutting down the harmful hormonal effects on your prostate cells.

11. Improves Learning Disorders:

The excellent quantity of magnesium present in pumpkin seeds makes them beneficial for improving learning disorders. Pumpkin seeds have been recommended as “brain food”

Start incorporating pumpkin seeds in your diet right away and see the difference for yourself!

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