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tamarind has much more to offer: its fruit pulp has been used for centuries as skin-scrubbing material to achieve smoother and lighter skin appearance. This beauty secret of tamarind has been passed down through generations in rural Thailand and may be the reason of the natural beauty and amazingly soft skin of women. Nowadays, tamarind extract plays an increasingly important role in natural skin care products, commercially produced cosmetics and ointments, mainly due to its containing AHAs.
What are AHAs?
AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are natural or synthetic acids that can be found in many skin care products, including facial cleanser, facial scrubs and lotions. The primary action of AHAs is to exfoliate dead skin cells by weakening bonds that hold dead skin cells together, thus resulting in skin which looks brighter, thus leading to a younger look.
Today, AHAs used in skin care product are often synthetically produced, mainly due to cost reasons. But synthetic AHAs have the potential to irritate the skin and it has been found that the therapeutic index (the ratio of stimulation to irritation) of the natural AHAs surpasses that of the synthetic AHAs. Therefore skin care products shall contain natural AHAs. And here the fruit pulp of the tamarind is a great source of natural AHAs. It has been proven that the fruit pulp of tamarind contains a wide range of AHAs including tartaric acid, lactic acid, citric acid and malic acid.
Herbal Soap and Facial Scrub from natural AHAs
All our products at Body Delights are made of natural AHAs from the tamarind tree. You can enjoy the positive benefits on a daily basis with the Tamarind Herbal Soap. This product can fade dark spots, age spots, and post-acne scarring while assisting in softening your facial skin tone. Or try our Tamarind and Honey Herbal Body Scrub or Tamarind Extract Herbal Foam Facial Scrub which are specially formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin to produce a healthy glow.These products will leave your skin feeling healthy and clean.
You can also have your own body delight and tamarind spa and try the homemade tamarind scrub recipe, a simple but efficient recipe for a homemade tamarind face mask.

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