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Vitamin E oil is a special product that contains  Vitamin E , either organic or synthetic . But, instead of a capsule, like most vitamins, Vitamin E oil usually comes in a large bottle. It is not 100 % vitamin E as that would be too sticky. Vitamin E oil also contains other ingredients, like coconut oil to make it the right viscosity for topical application.
This oil is not meant for internal consumption, only topical use. There are many brands selling Vitamin E Oil, so it can be difficult to find the best one. Most of them are quite similar, and your choice should depend on what the company uses as fillers and binders, that is the extras.
Vitamin E oil is absolutely amazing for getting the facial glow you have always desired.
1.  As a Night Cream
Take small amount of Vitamin E oil and dab it under the eyes. Make sure you have removed all makeup before using this. Synthetic Vitamin E ( tocopheryl acetate ) in this oil can react with makeup chemicals and even sunlight and form dangerous, sometimes even carcinogenic products. There is also some concern about contamination with hydroquinone in the production of synthetic ( lab generated ) vitamin E. Therefore, it is best to go with Vitamin E oil which contains natural Vitamin E, like from a natural oil. This treatments keeps under eye skin thick, supple and strong. It reduces the risk of developing the cheek wrinkle ( large fold that becomes evident when you move the cheek up towards the eyes ).
2. Natural Anti-Aging product
Regular application of Vitamin E oil can give a person younger looking skin. Isn’t that what we all want.  Anti-aging effects of most natural products are slow, and they become evident after regular application for months, even years. So, be sure to apply your Vitamin E oil regularly for this effect.
A form of Vitamin E, gamma tocotrienol, has the ability to reverse damage dun by UVB radiation to some extent. Our skin ages prematurely because of damage done to it by harmful solar radiation, and the free radicals in our environment. Vitamin E reduces the damage to skin framework because of both these factors. [2]
3. Slather right after a shower
Vitamin E is an excellent moisturizer. Vitamin E oil usually contains coconut oil which is also a renowned moisturizer. So, when you have taken bath, apply Vitamin E oil all over your skin in a thin layer. Within a few minutes, it gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t feel like grease. This simple daily routine can give a much smoother and gentle skin, much like a baby.
Vitamin E can also help to regulate functioning of oil secreting glands in the skin. These glands release sebum ( body’s natural oil ) which is the perfect skin moisturizer.
4. Heal any kind of scar
Vitamin E has been noted by many people to fasten the recovery of injured skin tissue. So, the entire process of scabbing, shedding and healing takes place much faster. Apply Vitamin E oil on any kind of scar, like pigemntation scars, keloid scars, scars made by cuts, scrapes, wounds, surgeries etc. It can also be used for acne scars, like boxcar or icepick scars, but only if it doesn’t break you out.

People who are dealing with bleeding disorders should however avoid using it on healing tissue. These areas are prone to bleeding again and this might cause a problem.

5. Get rid of dull and dry skin
People who regularly experience dry skin, even after winter can make use of this oil to get rid of the dryness. Vitamin E oil reduces dryness and flakiness. One can apply it specifically on dry areas and see how it performs. After regular application for few weeks. Vitamin E concentration in skin may increase and one may not have dry skin at all, even after withdrawing the use of Vitamin E oil, which is great.
Vitamin E oil can make skin look a bit more radiant.

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